1024.147 Die große XXX Folge

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Whats happening in Naturkundemuseum stays in Naturkundemuseum

Was hört ihr gerade?
Dont Look Up (Dave)
Succession (Paul)
Phro., Guilty Simpson – Guilty by Assocation (Paul)
OG Keemo – Mann beisst Hund (Paul)
Genesis Owusu – Smiling with not Teeth (Johannes)
Westside Gunn – Hitler wears Hermes 8: Side B (Johannes)

1024.146 Oh der Orc greift an

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Offensichtlich eine Weihnachtsfolge

Was hört ihr gerade?
Cannahann – Staub und Wasser (Luis)
Crusaider Kings 3 (Luis)
Football Manager 2020 (Luis)
Tom Cardy (Chrisso)
The War on Drugs (Chrisso)
Spirit of the Beehive – Entertainment, Death (Johannes)